Thursday 25 January 2018

Update 25th Jan 2018 - Baby Animals Galore

I'll start with the first close-up photo of Sasha's latest baby, Tarzan.

Tarzan - 20th Jan 2018

I want to apologise on behalf of Sasha. At the start of December I announced a Baby Possum Alert with great fanfare - I even created a special graphic for it - urging people to tune in to see the cute antics of Sasha's latest baby. Anyone who actually did this would have faced the disappointing spectacle of empty possum boxes day after day.

Saturday 6 January 2018

Update 6th Jan 2018

Sasha's new baby, who is another boy, has been named Tarzan. He had just started back-riding early in the night. Here is the first photo of him. The photo is a bit grainy; Sasha was keeping the young one away from humans at this stage and was up the top of a tree out of the range of the flash and I had to brighten the photo a lot.

Sasha with Tarzan back-riding - 5th Jan 2018