Monday, 3 May 2021

Update 3rd May 2021 - A sugar glider and a new possum

Some unexpected news: A sugar glider was seen in the back yard.

Sugar Glider - 19th April 2021

Monday, 12 April 2021

Update 12th Apr 2021

With the exception of Marcel, who hasn't visited for a while (see later), all of the brushtails are visiting regularly and in good health.

Shane is growing up.

Shane - 25th Mar 2021

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Update 6th Mar 2021

All of the brushtails are visiting and in good health. I know I say that a lot and it's probably getting tedious, but possums live dangerous lives and I'm glad every night that they turn up happy and healthy.

Sasha with Shane back-riding - 26th Feb 2021

Friday, 29 January 2021

Update 29th Jan 2021 - Introducing Shane

Sasha's new baby is now back-riding and has been named Shane. I think Shane is a boy.

Shane back-riding on Sasha - 11th Jan 2021

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Baby Possum Alert for the New Year

Today, Sasha slept in Box 7 and her latest baby (her 12th) was out of the pouch, so now is the time for a Baby Possum Alert.

Sasha with baby in Box 7 - 2nd Jan 2021