Saturday 25 December 2021

Update 25th December 2021 - Baby Possum Alert

For a few days now, Sasha's latest baby (her 14th) has been venturing out of her pouch when in the nestbox. So now is the time for a Baby Possum Alert.

Sasha can normally be seen in box 3 or 5. Unfortunately, the camera in box 3 isn't very good at the moment.

Sasha's baby looking out of Box 5 - 20th Dec 2021

Sasha's baby looking out of Box 5 - 20th Dec 2021

The baby looks like a boy.

I deliberately made the climbing rails in the last couple of boxes out of natural wood from the garden to give baby possums something more interesting to climb on and healthier to chew, and I'm glad to see the little one taking advantage of this.

Sasha's baby biting a climbing rail in Box 5 - 25th Dec 2021

In other news, Blake, Shane and Jedi seem to have left the area and we are left with the two dominant females; Wink and Sasha, as well as Wink's baby Blossom and the male Walt. The brush turkey chick mentioned last time is still around and now has proper black feathers.

Hopefully I will be able to post more photos next time.

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