Friday 18 September 2015

Introducing Kyoo

Kiki has finally brought her new baby to the house. The baby has been named Kyoo (pronounced "Cue"). Kyoo is probably a boy.

Kiki with Kyoo back-riding - 16th Sept 2015

According to the box cameras, Kyoo has been both entering and leaving the nest box back-riding on Kiki for some time now, so Kiki has probably been deliberately waiting for the right time to introduce her baby to the humans.

Tuesday 15 September 2015

The Possum Feeder

[Warning in advance: This is going to be a very lengthy and technically detailed post with no possum pictures in it.]

Over the past few years, I have pondered the best way to address the problem of feeding possums when there is no one at home. It isn't that the possums are dependent on feeding and are going to die if the food source is cut off, but more that they're part of the family and I want them to feel cared for when there's no one at home.

The Possum Feeder, ready for use

The eventual solution was to build the automatic possum feeder shown here.

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Another New Baby Possum!

Last night, Ruby arrived with a baby riding on her back.  The baby has been named Red, because he or she looks very red in person.

Ruby with Red back-riding - 2nd Sept 2015

Ruby is the first ringtail to bring a back-riding baby to the house since Gumdrop around the end of 2011.