Thursday 28 July 2016

Baby Ringtail Surprise

There was an unexpected surprise tonight; Ruby visited with two cute little babies on her back.

Ruby with back-riding babies - 28th July 2016

On previous visits her pouch was looking very large, but I never guessed her babies were this well developed and didn't expect to see them this soon.

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Update 19th July 2016

Sasha, Farley, Wasabi and Ruby have been visiting fairly regularly. Maple has been seen a couple of times, and Toto has also visited a few times recently. Flynn hasn't been seen for a considerable time and has probably left the area. It's a very dangerous time for young possums when they leave to find their own homes and I wish him all the best.

Farley - 16th July 2016

Farley has been picking up a few pluckings and scratches, which is normal for him. Luckily there hasn't been any sign of infection.

Friday 15 July 2016

Baby Possum Alert

Time for a Baby Possum Alert.

Sasha's latest baby looking out of Box 7 -  14th July 2016

If you are new to this site, a Baby Possum Alert is when (to quote a previous post):
There is a brief period of time (maybe a couple of weeks) when a baby possum is not yet old enough to back-ride during the night, but is old enough to come out of the pouch during the day. This is the most interesting time to watch the box cameras, because the baby has been asleep in the pouch all night, and therefore is full of energy during the day and up to all sorts of mischief in the nestbox.

At most, you might get to see this a couple of times a year, so now is the time to watch.
The possum boxes may be viewed at; click on the box you are interested in to get streaming video of that box. The baby is more likely to be active in the afternoon when it's warmer.

Sasha's baby is still very young - only just getting fur - and not yet capable of the full range of naughtiness of a baby brushtail, but is still leaving the pouch every day to climb over Sasha and explore the box. If Sasha keeps using the boxes (she is normally in either box 4 or 7) and doesn't decide to sleep in the garage door instead, we should be seeing the little one playing up for longer than the two weeks I mentioned above.