Tuesday 30 October 2012

Update 30th Oct 2012

We haven't had a photo of Pinot in a while, so here's one of him in a characteristic pose on the balcony rail.

Pinot 24/10/2012

Some of the possums are now visiting much less often than before. For a while, only Kiki, Svejk and Wesley were visiting and we thought that the others may have left the area, however all of the remaining possums (Marlon, Pinot, Flea and Wasabi) have since shown themselves. No pythons have been seen in over a month.

Thursday 11 October 2012

Update 11th Oct 2012 - Possums, Turkeys and Koalas

We haven't had a picture of Marlon for a while, so here's a recent one of him pulling a face at the camera.

Marlon: "Get lost! I don't want my photo taken!"  5/10/2012