Tuesday 30 October 2012

Update 30th Oct 2012

We haven't had a photo of Pinot in a while, so here's one of him in a characteristic pose on the balcony rail.

Pinot 24/10/2012

Some of the possums are now visiting much less often than before. For a while, only Kiki, Svejk and Wesley were visiting and we thought that the others may have left the area, however all of the remaining possums (Marlon, Pinot, Flea and Wasabi) have since shown themselves. No pythons have been seen in over a month.

Marlon is doing well. His injured claw has still not regrown to its full length, but it now has a sharp tip and is probably fully functional.

Marlon 24/10/2012

Wesley seems to have some problem with me. He will take any sort of food from Xesce, but will only take yummy foods like banana from me. When I offer him less-tasty foods, such as apple or pear, he will often just sniff it or hold it briefly in his mouth, and then run away. If Xesce then offers him the same piece of food, he will immediately take it.

Maybe Wesley has had a bad experience with a male human in the past.

Wesley 14/10/2012 [Photo by Xesce]

Flea is now visiting only rarely, perhaps once every couple of weeks. Her pouch is now very plump with her baby. We've noticed something unusual with the white tip on her tail; the white fur is only about half the length of the black fur on the rest of the tail. You can see it on this photo:

Flea's Tail 24/10/2012

It will be interesting to see how this progresses as she grows.

Svejk's mouth infection did not go away like last time but has been slowly getting worse and we've now started treatment.

Infection (exudative dermatitis) on Svejk's Mouth 25/10/2012

Svejk is a regular visitor, so hopefully we can get it cleared up soon.

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