Friday 17 May 2013

Update 17th May 2013

News in brief: A ceiling possum, a marauding possum, a python, a brave Kiki, and Pinot stops by for a visit.

For a couple of weeks recently, Spock made his home in the ceiling. Here's a photo of him peeping out from behind a light fitting.

Spock in ceiling 7th May 2013

Saturday 4 May 2013

Update 4th May 2013

A week ago, Wesley stopped visiting and hasn't been seen since. It could be that he was here primarily to have his wound treated and has left because it's now fully healed, however I can't help but be a little concerned; he will be the fourth adult male brushtail to suddenly disappear in almost as many months.

This is highly unusual. Normally, there's a dominant male who remains in the area, and one or two visiting males who stay for a while, then move on to be replaced by others. It's not normal to have no adult males at all in the area.

Wesley 22nd April 2013

Since Welsey disappeared, the only brushtails visiting have been Kiki and Spock. Recently, they have taken to visiting separately, so it's possible that Kiki is becoming less tolerant of Spock and will eventually chase him off. Hopefully he'll be allowed to stay around for at least another couple of months.