Wednesday 2 September 2015

Another New Baby Possum!

Last night, Ruby arrived with a baby riding on her back.  The baby has been named Red, because he or she looks very red in person.

Ruby with Red back-riding - 2nd Sept 2015

Ruby is the first ringtail to bring a back-riding baby to the house since Gumdrop around the end of 2011.

It isn't certain that Ruby has only this one baby. Ringtails normally have two, and occasionally three, babies at a time. It's quite possible that Ruby has a left her second baby back in her drey or concealed in some other safe place nearby.

Ruby with Red back-riding - 2nd Sept 2015

I can't help thinking the baby looks like a little furry Darth Maul.

Red on Ruby's back - 2nd Sept 2015

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