Saturday 2 January 2021

Baby Possum Alert for the New Year

Today, Sasha slept in Box 7 and her latest baby (her 12th) was out of the pouch, so now is the time for a Baby Possum Alert.

Sasha with baby in Box 7 - 2nd Jan 2021

I think the baby might be a boy, but I'm not completely sure. Anyway, he's up to the usual possum tricks of face-scrabbling and ear-biting his mother.

Baby scrabbles Sasha's face - 2nd Jan 2021

Sasha pushes baby away - 2nd Jan 2021

This box is probably a better place to keep the adventurous little baby contained than other spots in the garage, so hopefully Sasha will continue to use this box, but of course I can't give any guarantees.

Yesterday, Sasha visited the house with the little one out of the pouch (more or less) for the first time. The baby was not back-riding, but hanging on under her tail with his head in her pouch.

Sasha with her 12th Baby - 1st Jan 2021

The other possums are doing well.

Pax slept in Box 3 yesterday and also Marcel visited Box 1, but I think he was put off by the ants that have been swarming in this box and he decided not to sleep there. So it's possible that if the possums had been avoiding the boxes due to some danger, that danger is now past; but of course you can never be sure with possums.

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