Thursday 24 December 2020

Update 24th Dec 2020

 Pax is visiting regularly and looks healthy.

Pax - 24th Dec 2020

I apologise on behalf of the possums for there not being any action in the box cameras. I would like to be able to give a Baby Possum Alert for Christmas - Sasha's latest baby is most likely now at that stage - but for the past two weeks all of the possums have been completely avoiding the boxes.

It's possible there is a python around and the possums have chosen sleeping places where they can better see it coming or more easily escape. Or maybe the boxes are just less comfortable in the hot and sticky weather we're having at the moment. But Possums are sometimes just unpredictable.

Pax - 3rd Dec 2020 [Photo by Xesce]

Pax - 3rd Dec 2020

At one stage Wink went on a big exploring spree. She visited Box 4 and Box 2, which the possums have shunned ever since I refurbished it in October, and then she came into the house and wandered from room to room.

Wink inside the house - 8th Dec 2020 [Photo by Xesce]

Wink inside the house - 8th Dec 2020 [Photo by Xesce]

She even crept into the bedroom where I was asleep but the snoring scared her off.

Wink inside the house - 8th Dec 2020 [Photo by Xesce]

Wink currently shares the garage with Sasha, but soon she will have to find her own territory and maybe this was behind the exploring.

Sasha is in good health.

Sasha - 24th Dec 2020

Zooming in on the photo, you can see the tail of her latest baby hanging out of her pouch.

Close-up of Baby's tail hanging from Sasha's Pouch - 24th Dec 2020

Marcel is in good health. Fur has completely grown back over his last lot of wounds and it looks like nothing had ever happened to him.

Marcel - 8th Dec 2020 [Photo by Xesce]

It is possible that Marcel is protecting Pax, who is most likely his daughter. Usually when Pax visits the house, Marcel is also around. He doesn't come close to her and is usually in a different tree, but by being in the vicinity he is at least providing an extra pair of eyes to look out for danger. 

There are ringtails around - a couple were seen in the trees tonight and one was a female that possibly could have been Nikita - but none have visited the house.

Merlin (the brush turkey) has developed a white spot on his head - either that or he has been replaced by another turkey with a white spot. It sort of looks like he's going bald on top of his head and I'm not sure whether this a normal thing. I would be interested if anyone has more information on what this might be.

Anyway, he seems healthy and has been spending a lot of time energetically attending to his mound.

Merlin - 22nd Dec 2020

Another brush turkey chick has been seen around.

Brush Turkey Chick - 21st Dec 2020

Brush turkey chicks have a lot of enemies, but they don't have to fear Christmas.


  1. How did Wink get in? (Was an entry from the garage left open?) And how did she get out? With or without fruit? Merry Christmas!

    1. Happy Christmas and hoping the new year will be better. :)

      Wink was let in to the house when she tried to open the sliding door on the balcony. Rather than just scratching on the wire like possums usually do, she seemed to be trying to slide the door open.

      Possums are not encouraged to enter the house, but they are often let in if they seem to want to come inside. Normally they're after food but occasionally they go exploring and they're allowed to do this (under supervision).

      I think Wink left of her own accord after visiting pretty much every room in the house and didn't need to be bribed outside with food, although this is occasionally needed.