Friday 11 December 2020

Update on Pax

A quick update for anyone who has been viewing the box cameras and may be worried about little Pax.

Pax is still around and looks healthy and has been visiting the house every couple of nights.

Here is a photo of her visiting tonight.

Pax - 11th Dec 2020

Since she was left to fend for herself, Pax has been been behaving unpredictably - visiting at random times and sleeping in different places, and I think this is a deliberate strategy to make it difficult for predators. As the smallest brushtail in the area, she is the most vulnerable and needs to be the most careful.

The orange spots on her nose are not a problem, but are the mystery orange powder that possums occasionally (but always in December) get on their noses. Here is a closeup.

Pax - 11th Dec 2020

As a reader commented, this is probably rust (the plant disease, not iron oxide) from some as yet unidentified plant. It has no ill effect on possums and it shows that Pax is finding the natural food sources in the area.  

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  1. Came across this video on BBC... I reckon possums would be as smart or smarter than kangaroos...

    A possum once bit me on the leg after getting no action (re preferred fruit) after biting feet in shoes not uncovered feet and no pain response. No longer feeding them.

    Also had a possum come really close to my bedroom window once (I think it could recognise my odour or something) - note did not feed it from that level ever.