Saturday 5 May 2012

Possum status update 5th May 2012

No big changes in the possum world. The pythons haven't been sighted again, but the possums are still visiting less often than before. This could be because there has been quite a bit of rain, which the possums never like, but it could also be that the pythons are still lurking somewhere out of sight.

Some time ago Svejk had a very small infection (smaller than the one Marlon had) in the corner of his mouth, but this went away on its own and he now appears to be in perfect health.

Flea now visits much less often than before. Here's a recent photo. I tried to capture how fluffy her tail is, but I don't think I've done a very good job; in person it looks much more impressive.

Flea 29/4/2012
As an aside: I'm not sure why brushtails have such amazingly bushy tails when ringtails can get away with tails that are almost bald. Brushtails often use their tails as pillows when sleeping, which must be very soft and warm, but I can't believe it's just about warmth because both types of possum live equally well in both hot and cold climates. Maybe it's a way of advertising their reproductive fitness: "Look at how plump and luxuriant my tail is; I must clearly be a very healthy and successful possum to grow such a tail."

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