Sunday 15 July 2012

Possum status update 15th July 2012

All of the possums are still around and in good health. Marlon (pictured below) hasn't visited for a while but has been seen sleeping in nestboxes.

Marlon 5/7/2012 [photo by Xesce]

Most days recently there have been three possums (Svejk, Marlon and Pinot) sleeping in boxes, with Flea in either the garage door or a stack of tyres in the garage. Last Friday, however, all sleeping spots were empty. I had a look around to see if anything was amiss and found that there was carpet python sleeping under the eaves. I might be reading too much into a random event, but it does seem like the possums have some sort of python warning system in use.

I'm not sure whether the python is Grendel because the place where it is sleeping is all enclosed and I can only see small areas of  its underside.

Wesley doing an impression of an aye-aye 12/7/2012
Wesley is still very nervous of humans. When taking food from hand, his usual method is to slowly creep forward, take a nip at the food, which usually misses, and immediately turn around and run away. This process is repeated a number of times until he gets close enough to actually connect with the food. Often, with soft food like pear, he doesn't get a good hold on it and it falls down onto the patio as he runs away.

Kiki 24/6/2012 [photo by Xesce]
Kiki's baby is growing, but we have not yet seen any part of it sticking out of the pouch.

Flea 8/7/2012
Flea has some staining around the pouch, which means that she probably also has a baby.

In other news, I've made the update rate of the possum cameras on the Possum TV Live site adjustable after I had problems watching the site over a slow satellite link when away from home. I recommend using the 1 Sec update rate and switching to progressively slower rates if you have problems. Under normal circumstances, it's unlikely you'll have to go slower than a 2 Sec update.

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