Tuesday 5 March 2013

Update 5th Mar 2013 - Kiki's New Baby

Kiki's new baby has finally shown himself. We've named him Spock. Here are some photos:

Kiki with Spock backriding 5th Mar 2013

Kiki with Spock backriding 5th Mar 2013

Spock 3rd Mar 2013

On the first night Spock was out, Kiki (now with Spock safely tucked away in her pouch) alerted us to a carpet python.

Small carpet python 3rd Mar 2013

This one was smaller than it looks in the photo. Its neck was only a little more than 1 cm across and it wouldn't have been a threat to anything bigger than a medium sized rat. I think Kiki could have bitten its head right off if she'd wanted to, but she kept her distance and seemed to be taking careful note of where it was heading.

This is the first python we've seen so far this year (which BTW, is the Chinese Year of the Snake). Maybe it was displaced from some lower lying area by all of the recent rain.

Surprisingly, given the appearance of the snake, Wasabi has chosen this moment to return.

Wasabi 5th Mar 2013

It has been 5 months since Wasabi last visited, which is a long time in the life of a ringtail. We're glad to see that he's still around.

There's also been another ringtail seen.

Ringtail possum 3rd Mar 2013

I'm fairly sure this possum was female. I'll hold off on giving her a name until she starts visiting regularly.

Possum Hospital news:

Kiki has started refusing antibiotics, so we've stopped dosing her. Her wound is not yet healed, but has shrunk considerably and shows no sign of infection. We'll let it heal naturally and will only resume treatment if it get infected. Spock will soon be spending all of his time out of the pouch, which will also assist in healing the wound.

Wesley's wound has also shrunk in size, but still looks ugly and we're keeping on with the Ceclor for another couple of days. I think this was a deeper wound than most.

Marlon was recently acting strangely in his nestbox; lying on his back with his front legs twitching. This went on for frequently throughout the day; more than you'd expect than if he was just having a bad dream or being bugged by mosquitoes, but it wasn't severe enough that immediate intervention seem warranted.

The following night he was acting normally and the day after he slept normally (if a little longer than usual), so we're assuming he's got over whatever it was.

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