Sunday 30 June 2013

Update 30th June 2013

Kiki, Spock and Wasabi are all healthy and visiting regularly. Pinot hasn't been seen for a while, but that's normal for him. The new male brushtail that appeared last month has visited the possum boxes a few times, but still hasn't visited the house.

Wasabi has been seen a couple of times with a baby possum in tow. He hasn't brought the baby close enough for a good look, so it's not clear whether this is Vindi.

Wasabi's daughter (maybe Vindi) 26th June 2013

On one hand, this possum looks a bit small to be Vindi (this one is roughly the same size as Vindi was in March) and looks to have less white on the tail, but on the other hand is too big to be a new baby - unless there's another mother ringtail in the area.

Spock is somehow still able to squeeze into the ceiling space, and sometimes also sleeps in the garage door. For some reason he rarelyuses the possum boxes.

A relatively small (by local standards) carpet python paid a visit and checked out Box 4, but didn't stay around.

Carpet python visiting Box 4 - 7th June 2013

As usual, Kiki glared at the snake with bared teeth when she saw it. She must have also sent out an alert on the Python Warning Network because the smaller possums - Spock and Wasabi - stayed away for a few days after the python was seen.

Spock and Wasabi have continued to visit the house at the same time and are often seen together.

Spock (above) and Wasabi (below) 22nd June 2013 [Photo by Xesce]

At times, Wasabi seems to be quite cheeky towards Spock, and sometimes Spock chases him off a short way, but they tolerate each other surprisingly well. It's possible they might be sticking together as protection against lurking pythons.

Here's Wasabi making fun of Spock's fluffy tail.

Wasabi: What is this strange furry thing? [Photo by Xesce]

Maybe I could wear it as a hat. [Photo by Xesce]

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