Sunday 2 February 2014

Update 2nd Feb 2014

Recently, two female ringtails were seen near the house, one with two back-riding babies and one with a slightly swollen pouch. It's always very difficult to tell who's who with ringtails, but these two look very much like Tilda and Ruby.

Tilda with back-riding babies 29th Jan 2014

Tilda (left) and Babies (top and bottom) 29th Jan 2014

Ruby 29th Jan 2014

Wasabi is back, which is very good news. His eye looks the same as before, but he is otherwise in very good health. I first noticed him when he jumped onto a small and isolated branch (shown in the photo below) in a small gum tree, so it looks like whatever vision problems he may have are not preventing him from doing some fairly skillful acrobatics.

Wasabi 29th Jan 2014

Wasabi spent some time peering intently into the garden, so it's possible he was looking out for danger while his girlfriends foraged nearby. Wasabi is a good father possum who takes his responsibilities seriously.

Kiki is starting to get weighed down by her baby and it looks like the little one will be back-riding within a week.

Kiki 1st Feb 2013

Twice so far Kiki has visited Box 7 and her baby has come out out of the pouch to climb around. The baby was first seen on Australia Day and has been named Oz. Oz looks like a little boy possum.

Kiki and Oz in Box 7 - 26th Jan 2014

Kiki and Oz in Box 7 - 2nd Feb 2014

Amiri has yet to be chased off. He seems to have worked out that now Kiki is hampered by her baby, he can visit, so long as he keeps higher up in the trees where she can't easily get at him.

Amiri 1st Feb 2013


  1. To think Amira was Oz's size when we first met him via the nest box cameras! We're also in love with those Ringtail babies :)

    1. Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming3 February 2014 at 13:32:00 GMT+10

      Sorry that should have been "Amiri"

  2. Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming12 February 2014 at 15:30:00 GMT+10

    I saw Kiki and Oz today!!!

    (great to be able to see the temp in the box, that was a brilliant idea of yours)

    1. You must have read my mind, because I was looking at possum box temperatures when I noticed your comment. I'll put up a post on this very soon.