Sunday 6 April 2014

Wasabi is back!

Just a quick note to say that Wasabi has been seen tonight for the first time since his release from hospital over three weeks ago. He looks healthy and is still as friendly and happy as ever.

Wasabi - 6th April 2014

Hair is growing back slowly over his injuries. The injured areas on the top of his tail looks very good, but underneath is a little irritated. I've consulted with a vet and this isn't an infection, but more likely something to do with chafing caused by the missing fur and should get better on its own.

Wasabi's tail injury - 6th April 2014

Obviously it would be nice if this looked better, but I'm still very happy with the progress. This is a possum in the wild who is using his tail to get around in the trees (he was hanging from his tail for most of the time he visited), so a wound in that area is going to get knocked around and is likely to get better only slowly.

The important thing is that it's getting better and not worse. The infection is gone, he has survived his antibiotics, and doesn't have any hard feelings about his captivity.

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  1. Yay! Big smiles at our end! Doesn't he look well?! Brilliant that all your hard work has had such a happy ending.

    We've seen those chafing signs before - our border collie has very sensitive skin and gets exactly this type of thing when infections are clearing up.