Friday 29 August 2014

Update 29th Aug 2014 - First photo of Kiki's new baby, Comet

Kiki's latest baby has been named Comet. He (I'm not 100% sure, but he looks like a male in the box camera footage) seems to be a particularly energetic little possum. I managed to take his photo when he put his head out of the nestbox yesterday.

Comet - 28th Aug 2014

Comet is now leaving the nestbox riding on Kiki's back, but returns to the pouch before Kiki visits the house. He will be back-riding for longer periods every night from now on, and will become less and less energetic when he returns to nestbox.

Kiki with Comet in pouch - 28th Aug 2014

Oz hasn't been seen at all for nearly three weeks now. It looked like he was chased out of the area at the same time Kiki started bringing Comet into box 7. It's always sad when the young possums leave. It's a pity we can't predict when this is going to happen and at least give them some sort of send-off party.

Oz seems to be a prudent, or possibly lucky, possum because he never managed to pick up a single injury the entire time he was here. Most other possums at least get a few scratches on the nose or a bit of fur plucked out. Hopefully this means that he has a better than normal chance of survival.

Wasabi is visiting frequently and is still happy and in good health. He often comes into the house and sometimes doesn't want to leave.

Wasabi - 29th Aug 2014

Tilda is often seen close to the house. She doesn't seem scared of humans, but isn't interested in approaching closer.

Tilda - 20th Aug 2014

Dexter has been seen hanging around Kiki.

Dexter - 26th Aug 2014

Prok has also been seen around the place. Both Dexter and Prok are still steadfastly avoiding human company and neither have used the possum boxes in a long time.

Prok - 28th Aug 2014

This is the first photo I've managed to get of Prok which shows what he really looks like. Normally all I manage to capture is the white tip of his tail disappearing into the distance.

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  1. Comet is a real cutie, we've had some marvelous times watching his antics in the box :)

    You are so lucky having two types of possum visit you. We've never met a ringtail.