Saturday 14 February 2015

Update 14th Feb 2015

There is a new male possum in the area. He has been named Farley.

Farley - 8th Feb 2015 [Photo by Xesce]

In late January, he was seen checking out the possum boxes and they must have been to his liking because he's been sleeping in either Box 2 or 3 every day so far this month.

Initially I thought it was Comet using the boxes because of his comparatively small size, but Farley's tail has a noticeable taper at the end which distinguishes him from Comet.

Farley - 8th Feb 2015 [Photo by Xesce]

None of the other male brushtails have been seen for a while. They might still be about, since the garden is a jungle at the moment and possums have to make an effort to be seen.

It looks like I've misled my viewers regarding Kiki. I had assumed Kiki would bring her new baby into Box 7 sometime soon, just like she did the previous three - but there have been no sign of them in any of the boxes so far. Kiki's baby has now grown big enough to significantly encumber her as she moves through the trees, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's already started to back-ride early in the night, but so far all that's been seen of it is the occasional foot sticking out of the pouch.

It's still worth keeping an eye on Box 7, though. She might still bring the little one in in at any time.

Comet is still around. He usually visits very early in the evening, before Kiki has got out of bed.

Wasabi was seen briefly a couple of days ago after a relatively long absence. He didn't visit the house, but hopefully he will soon. It was a year ago that he had his tail injury.

Finally, I thought I'd share a photo of a spider seen near the possum feeding area yesterday.

Spider (E. biapicata?) - 13th Feb 2015

According to find-a-spider this is probably an Eriophora biapicata (see the picture of the male on this page), i.e. a type of orb-weaver.

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