Tuesday 23 June 2015

Update 23rd June 2015

The brushtails Kiki, Toto, Farley, Comet, and Sasha and the ringtails Wasabi, Tilda and Ruby are all currently visiting.

Toto with injured leg - 16th June 2015

Toto has an injury to her front right leg.

For over a week she has been been limping when she tries to walk on it, and only rarely uses it to hold food. There doesn't seem to be any external damage or infection, so it's presumably either a bad sprain or a fracture. Possibly she got it when fighting off one of the other possums. Here is a video of her telling off Sasha:

Toto arguing with Sasha - 7th June 2015 [Filmed by Xesce]

Apparently, the best cure for this is rest. It would have been possible to capture her and keep her in a cage while the leg heals, but this would most likely have done more harm than good - she might panic and try to escape, causing more damage. Also, we were advised the injury might take 3 or 4 weeks to heal and that's a long time to keep a possum cooped up. At the moment we're making sure she is well fed so that she's well nourished and doesn't have to forage too much for food.

Sasha - 15th June 2015

Kiki and Sasha both have noticeable babies in the pouch, with Sasha's being further along. It will be interesting if we have two mother possums with back-riders come springtime.

Unknown possum hiding in the ceiling space - 11th May 2015

The ceiling possum is still around, and it's still not clear who this is. Of the known possums in the area, it could only be Comet or Toto, however the possum seems very shy of humans, which is unlike either Comet or Toto.

Ruby - 20th May 2015

Ruby now visits every few days and takes food from hand.

The Piddler (Tilda) continues to be a nuisance.

Comet - 19th June 2015

It's surprising to see Comet still around. It's now been ten months since he was first seen out of the pouch. On average, Kiki's children leave home at around the six month mark, with the longest (until now) being Flea at nine months.

It's possible all of the development in the area is leading a housing shortage amongst the possums, preventing Comet from moving further away. Possibly this also explains why Sasha has moved into the area.

Then again, the possum boxes are getting limited use. So far this year, Farley has been the only one to use them; except for a single occasion when Comet used box 7. You'd think that if things were getting crowded, possums would frequently have to resort to using the boxes, even if they were less desirable than other places.

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