Thursday 21 January 2016

Sasha's baby makes his first appearance

Sasha's baby, who I think is a little boy possum, has been seen in person for the first time.

Sasha, with baby back-riding - 21st Jan 2016

The baby has not yet been named.

I'm not sure why they have such orange noses in the picture above. It seems Sasha was probably drinking from a bucket of water on the balcony immediately prior to the photo (hence the wet ear), so maybe they were both sniffing something with wet noses.

Sasha and the baby can often be seen in Box 7 (they are there about one day in three, spending the rest of the time in the nearby garage door), with the baby getting up to the usual baby possum tricks of leaping all over his mother, biting her ears and scrabbling her face when she's trying to sleep. However, now that the little one is back-riding, he'll be more tired during the day and less of a pest as time goes on. Also, Sasha will be getting less tolerant of him.

Toto is now visiting more regularly than before. This might be because Sasha is weighed down with her baby and can't chase her as well. Toto seems to be in good health and has a (very small) baby of her own in her pouch.

Toto - 16th Jan 2016

Farley is also in good health. If you see a possum sleeping in any one of boxes 1 to 4, it will almost certainly be him.

Farley - 16th Jan 2016

The Brush Turkey has now built a second mound in the front yard, and has been seen tending both mounds. A second newly-hatched brush turkey chick has been seen the back yard, and also a more fully grown (black feathers and a red head) brush turkey chick has been running around the front yard. This second chick might be the original one filmed last year grown up a bit.

I don't have any good photos of the brush turkey chicks, but I have some video footage which I'll try to put up on YouTube some time soon.

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  1. All three possums in your boxes today, yay! As Robin just said "that's you sorted for the day!"