Monday 13 June 2016

Update 13th June 2016

All of the usual brushtails - Sasha, Farley, Toto and Flynn - are still visiting. As far as the ringtails go, Ruby is still visiting, Maple is often seen with her and Wasabi has started visiting again. On one occasion Maple may have visited with Wasabi.

Maple - 1st June 2016 [Photo by Xesce]

Maple is a very active little ringtail, leaping around the trees like a little Ninja.

Maple, with a mouth full of leaves, playing hide-and-seek - 1st June 2016 [Photo by Xesce]

Ruby is in good health and - although not obvious from this photo - probably has more babies in the pouch.

Ruby - 1st June 2016 [Photo by Xesce]

One day Wasabi was seen with the right side of his face swollen up. This happened soon after the big storm that hit the East coast recently, and it's possible he got hit in the face by something during the storm. The injury was on the side of his bad eye and possibly he didn't see whatever it was coming. But this isn't certain; it could possibly have been an insect sting.

Compare the size of his left and right cheeks in the photo below. By the way, the drip on his nose is not related, it's just juice from the grape he was given to bribe him to stay still for the camera.

Wasabi - 6th June 2016

Although it might not be obvious from his expression, he was his usual friendly and cheerful self, despite what must have been a painful injury.

Fortunately, the next time he visited, the swelling had gone down, so it looks like there was no infection.

Wasabi  - 8th June 2016

Toto has also picked up a wound between the eyes, but fortunately this wasn't infected either.

Toto - 6th June 2016

Flynn has not yet been chased away by Sasha. It will be interesting to see how long she allows him to stay.

Flynn - 1st June 2016 [Photo by Xesce]

Sasha has a new baby in the pouch. It's still very tiny, but stuck its head out of the pouch a couple of times recently while Sasha was in box 7. It's too early to put out a Baby Possum Alert; the little one is still unfurred and probably won't be venturing out of the pouch much during winter.  Still, it's probably worth keeping an eye on Box 7, especially if we get some warmer weather.

Sasha in Box 7 with baby's head out of pouch - 10th June 2016

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  1. Photo's & observations are fantastic & I hope all wounds keep healing well & no more storms for you all.
    Look forward to checking in on Sasha ;)
    From Lea Ledden