Tuesday 29 November 2016

Update 29th Nov 2016

With the exception of Toto, who I'm thinking has probably left the area, all of the possums are still around. Ruby's babies Keeta and Koji visit frequently. I don't think I have mentioned what genders these two were - it can be hard to tell when they're just a little ball of fur - but now it's clear that Keeta is female and Koji is male.

Keeta is much more assertive than her older sister Maple when approaching the humans for food.

Keeta - 15th Nov 2016 [Photo by Xesce]

Recently, Keeta and Koji had a fight. This is the first ringtail fight that I've ever seen. Normally ringtails seem quite happy to share each other's company and it's not clear what was going on in this case.

Fight between Keeta and Koji 20th Nov 2016 [Filmed by Xesce]

Mischa is still around and I think he has been sleeping in a neighbour's garage door, although he still occasionally uses the possum boxes. Sasha now chases him off when she sees him. I'm thinking it might be another month before he's chased out of the area.

Koji (bottom) scowls at Mischa (top) - 17th Nov 2016 [Photo by Xesce]

Sasha now mainly sleeps in the garage door. I'm hoping she moves back into Box 7 before her latest baby (still very small) starts coming out of the pouch.

Farley is his usual self.

Farley - 22nd Nov 2016 [Photo by Xesce]

A carpet python was spotted near the house recently. This is the first python I've seen here in over a year, although there have no doubt been plenty around that I haven't seen. This one was a bit over 1.5 m long and might have been a threat to the young ringtails, but so far everyone has escaped being eaten.

Carpet Python - 8th Nov 2016

Meanwhile the brush turkey continues to build his mound in the back yard. I tried to remove some pieces of plastic bag he had put on it and I don't say that he actually chased me off, but he came towards me in a determined manner as if to say "Hey, just to let you know, that's my nest". He came across as brave, but rational and willing to avoid a dispute if it could be helped.