Saturday 19 January 2019

Update 16th Jan 2019

Nikita's babies are out of the pouch and she has brought them to the house to show to the humans.

Nikita with babies back-riding - 16th Jan 2019

Nikita with babies back-riding - 16th Jan 2019

Nikita with babies back-riding - 16th Jan 2019

Nikita has also brought her boyfriend to the house. It's not clear whether he is Bamm-Bamm or a different male ringtail. Here is a photo of him. He has just recently worked up the courage to take food from hand.

Nikita's Boyfriend (Bamm-Bamm?) - 12th Jan 2019

Koji hasn't been seen for a while. Like his father, he has been known to disappear for extended periods, however it's unusual that another adult male has been allowed into his territory. It's possible that Nikita (who is probably Koji's daughter and takes after him in many ways) has taken over his territory.

Bilbo is still visiting. He is very friendly to humans and still tolerant of Pogo. Unfortunately I don't have any new photos of him, but he's in very good health and looking good.

Pogo is still visiting regularly. Arrow, who was born a year prior to Pogo, didn't leave the area until March, so it seems likely that Pogo will stick around for another couple of months.

Pogo - 15th Jan 2019 [Photo by Xesce]

Pogo has become a "toe menacer". When on the floor, he rushes at human feet, but rather than biting toes, he crowds the person's ankles, risking either tripping the person or getting trodden on. He looks as if he would try to climb up a leg if someone would let him. Maybe his tactic is to annoy food out of the human.

By now, I would normally have given a Baby Possum Alert because a couple of weeks ago Sasha's baby would have reached the stage where it's out of the pouch during the day and making a pest of itself. Unfortunately, Sasha is refusing to use any of the possum boxes, so we're missing out on all of the fun.

I managed to get a photo of Sasha in a possum apartment with her baby sleeping with its head in her pouch. The little one looks like it's big enough to back-ride for part of the night.

Sasha with 8th Baby - 18th Jan 2019

Another Brush Turkey chick has been seen in the yard and I managed to get a video of it.

Brush Turkey chick digging - 5th Jan 2019

The chick disappeared soon afterwards and hasn't been seen since. Unfortunately, it's likely a cat got it. According to Council regulations, cats aren't allowed to roam free but the rule is never enforced.

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