Friday 6 September 2019

Update 6th Sept 2019

There have been no big changes in the possum world since last time I posted - or at least nothing visible to the ignorant humans who probably miss most of what is going on. Nikita, Koru, Sasha, Miel and Bilbo have all been visiting regularly.

Miel - 18th Aug 2019 [Photo by Xesce]

Miel is still back-riding on Sasha most of the time. He visited once on his own (pictured above) and rather than make a distress call like babies often do when on their own, he instead hissed to show that even though Sasha wasn't around to protect him, he was still a big fierce possum and not to be messed with.

Miel also visited once with Nikita's baby Koru. There are no photos showing the two of them together, but the two separate photos below were taken at this time.

Miel - 3rd Sept 2019

Koru  - 3rd Sept 2019

Often multiple possums will visit at once. Although Nikita is much smaller than Sasha she always insists on her rights and doesn't back down if Sasha gets near.

Sasha with Miel back-riding (top right), Koru (left) and Nikita (bottom right) - 28th Aug 2019

Sasha with Miel back-riding - 25th Aug 2019

Koru (top) grabs at Nikita - 23rd Aug 2019

Nikita's boyfriend had been seen from time to time, as well as Pebbles and both of her babies. The babies sometimes come very near the house and don't seem intimidated by humans.

Once during the day, a kookaburra visited, perching on the balcony rail where the possums were fed and looking expectantly for food.

Kookaburra - 31st Aug 2019

Unfortunately, there was no suitable food available and it flew off disappointed. Luckily, the gecko Galen and her family who live on the balcony were safely hidden away and escaped being eaten.

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