Friday 14 February 2020

Update 14th Feb 2020 - Possum Valentines

Nikita is back!

Nikita was last seen around the end of August of last year. When she stopped visiting, I had thought that she had either left the territory to her daughter Koru or had suffered some mishap. It's really great to see her again. It looks like she's taking after her grandfather Wasabi who would often go away for long periods of time.

She brought her date with her. I think he is Omar, although it's difficult to be certain with possums who mostly keep away from the house.

Nikita (right) and a nervous Omar (left) - 11th Feb 2020

Omar was nervous of humans and wouldn't accept food, but he seemed to accept Nikita's assurances that it was safe to be this close to them.

Nikita (left) and Omar (right) - 11th Feb 2020

Sasha is also dating. Although Rahmet is still back-riding, he is now independent enough to be left on his own for short periods.

There are now two adult male brushtails in the area; Marcel and a new brushtail who has been named Rohan.

Rohan  - 28th Jan 2020

Rohan is much bigger than Marcel and doesn't seem to have any pluckings or injuries. Sasha seems to prefer him, or at least she doesn't chase him away quite as quickly as she does Marcel.

Here's a photo of Rahmet back-riding backwards on Sasha. At one stage, Marcel sneaked up behind Sasha and tried to remove Rahmet from her back. Since that time, Rahmet has often hung on backwards to look out for danger.

Sasha with Rahmet back-riding - 7th Feb 2020

Although Rahmet looks like an innocent little possum he shrieks surprisingly fiercely when another possum comes close.

Rahmet back-riding on Sasha - 28th Jan 2020 [Photo by Xesce]

Around the time Rohan arrived, Miel stopped visiting. It makes sense that with two adult male brushtails - neither of which was his father - now in the area, it was time for Miel to move out.

Here is the latest photo taken of Miel. Often, when young brushtails leave home, they come back for a brief visit or two before leaving for good. Hopefully Miel will do this, although he's a prudent possum and won't come back if it's unsafe.

Miel - 28th Jan 2020 [Photo by Xesce]

As far as the weather has been going, it's been very wet since the start of February and this has brought the garden back to life. The possums are no longer all visiting as soon as it gets dark, although it's not clear whether this is due to the greater amount of food or that it's mating season.

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