Saturday 31 May 2014

Update 31st May 2014

Oz is now independent of Kiki. They generally visit the house at different times, and Kiki chases Oz away when she see him. Hopefully Oz won't be chased away for good until springtime.

Oz - 30th May 2014

Although still small, Oz seems to have to acquired all of the necessary possums skills. He is bold enough to enter the house to toe-bite humans, but cautious enough to react to sudden movements in the nearby trees.

Oz toe-biting - 15th May 2014

Wasabi is still visiting and looks very healthy.

Wasabi - 30th May 2014

The possum with the white-tipped tail has still not visited, but frequently sleeps in the nestboxes 1 and 3. This possum is male, so it can't be Flea, despite the resemblance. It's strange that two possums would have exactly the same (unusual) type of tail; maybe they have same father?

The rat seen about is not Scruffles either. It's a smaller one and both ears are intact. It might also be female, although it's difficult to tell for sure.

Cute Rat - 26th May 2014 [Photo by Xesce]

These newcomers will be named soon.


  1. It was nice to see Oz and Kiki sharing a box yesterday.

    1. I was quite surprised to see the two of them together because I thought that Oz was now permanently on his own. It might be that now the weather is getting a little colder, they are tolerate each others company a little longer for the warmth. I also noticed that Oz had brought some leaves into the box for bedding a few days ago, which is the first time I've see this happen in a long while.

    2. Winter is indeed coming :)

      (sorry about the GOT joke)