Thursday 17 July 2014

Update 17th July 2014

Kiki, Oz and Wasabi have been visiting regularly. Dexter and Prok have been seen around the place but still shun human company.

Kiki - 15th July 2014

A female ringtail (possibly Tilda) was seen recently with a very young baby clinging to the back.

As far as can be seen, everyone is in good health. The only unusual thing is that twice when eating food, Wasabi has suddenly stopped eating and held his eyes closed for perhaps 30 seconds. It could be that he's in pain, but there's no other indication of any problem. He hasn't been losing weight and his appetite has been good. Meanwhile, his fur has now completely grown back over his tail injury and the thin patches noticed when he was being treated have filled in.

Wasabi - 15th July 2014

Oz seems to have claimed Box 7 as his own; he has brought leaves into the box a total of three times now and he gets very annoyed when Kiki comes to join him.

Oz - 1st July 2014 [Photo by Xesce]

Here is a reason why Box 7 might be popular:

Possum Box Temperatures 9th July 2014

This shows a chilly morning recently. Boxes 2 and 3 are both outside (box 3 is in a more exposed location) whereas Box 7 is in the garage. You can see that even with a possum in it, Box 3 still gets very cold, whereas Box 7 remains far warmer through the coldest parts of the morning.

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