Saturday 21 June 2014

Update 21st June 2014

Wasabi has been visiting regularly. He and Oz tolerate each other reasonably well.

Wasabi (left) and Oz (right) - 15th June 2014 [Photo by Xesce]

There have been several other ringtails seen about the place, but these have been difficult to identify. Tilda and Ruby are probably amongst them.

Kiki has a very active baby in the pouch. It looks only about the size of a mouse, but lunges and squirms around like it's trying to break-dance.

Although Oz is now independent of Kiki, they have recently taken to sharing Box 7. This box is more protected than the others and is no doubt more comfortable in cold weather, especially with two possums sharing.

Kiki and Oz enter and leave the box at different times (Kiki likes to sleep in, whereas Oz is an early riser and usually goes to bed early), and there's usually a little scuffle when the second possum joins the first in the box. Oz puts up his front paws and opens his mouth in the classic possum threat pose to prove that he's a fierce little possum. Kiki usually ignores this and curls up to sleep, but sometimes she pushes him in the face or swipes with her claws if provoked too much. Once they settle down they're quite friendly and even occasionally groom each other.

Kiki (left) and Oz (right) squabbling in Box 7 - 17th June 2014

Also, Oz was seen bringing a bunch of leaves into Box 7, presumably in order to make things more cosy.

Oz carrying a bunch of leaves in his tail - 8th June 2014

I put the video of this on YouTube. I haven't embedded it on this page because the thumbnail YouTube forced me to use is not as good as the image above. You can see the video here. It's not especially exciting or cute, but I think it has some scientific/educational value.

The male possum with the white-tipped tail has now been named Prok. Although he regularly uses boxes 1 and 3, he still keeps away from humans. Occasionally he takes food left on the balcony handrail when there are no people about, but never remains long enough to be photographed.

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