Sunday 7 December 2014

Update 7th Dec 2014

Comet has now progressed to the stage where Kiki only barely tolerates his presence, and he is well aware of this fact.

Comet looking around nervously - 3rd Dec 2014

If he is in a tree nearby when Kiki is being fed, which is happening less and less often, he often scampers off when Kiki makes a sudden move towards him.

Young possums don't get much time to enjoy their childhood. Only a couple of months ago he was back-riding, and now he's pretty much entirely on his own; at the bottom of the pecking order and surrounded by dangers.

One of these dangers was seen in Box 4 recently.

Carpet python poking its tongue out at the camera - 18th Nov 2014

Carpet python sleeping in Box 4 - 18th Nov 2014

This is the first python of the season. It looks moderately large, but I didn't see it out of the box so I couldn't get a good idea of how long it was. It didn't look like it had claimed any possum-sized victims yet.

A couple of weeks later (3rd Dec) - undeterred by nature of the previous guest - an unknown male brushtail slept in Box 4. This possum had chunks missing out of both ears, the tip of his tail was a little bald and coloured black and he had what appeared to be a wound on the back. He didn't look like Dexter, or any of the other males known in the area. Also, the fact that he chose the python-infested Box 4, rather than the more popular Box 3 or the more comfortable Box 7, suggests he's unfamiliar with the area.

After he'd left, both Kiki and Prok visited the box, which also seems to imply that he's an intruder they're keeping tabs on.

I'm wondering if Prok has become the dominant male in the area, because Dexter hasn't been seen for a considerable time.

Wasabi still hasn't been seen.

Tilda hasn't visited in a while. Last time she was seen, she had a baby half out of the pouch, so it's possible she doesn't feel confident with bringing back-riding babies to the house and is keeping away.

Tilda with baby in pouch - 26th Nov 2014

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