Saturday 17 January 2015

Update 17th Jan 2015

Kiki is doing well. The latest baby (her 12th!) is now bulging her pouch significantly.

Kiki (with the mystery orange powder in evidence) - 8th Jan 2015

Kiki hasn't been seen in any of the boxes for quite a while, but going by past form, we might see her come into Box 7 before too much longer. Last year, Kiki's baby (Oz) made his first appearance in Box 7 on Australia Day, and her latest baby will now be at a similar stage of development. So it's worth keeping your eye on the box cameras.

Box 7 appears to perform an important role in the upbringing of Kiki's babies; she generally starts using this box around the time that her baby is emerging from the pouch to play while she sleeps during the day. She then keeps using the box on-and-off until the youngster is starting to become independent. It seems that either this box is a safe location for babies when they're climbing about, or it contributes to their education in some other way.

Comet - 25th Dec 2014

Comet - 14th Jan 2015

Comet is still around. A few times recently, he has concealed himself in the frangipani. This might be a defence against Kiki. The branches of the frangipani are weak and treacherous, and it's booby-trapped with occasional dead branches that break at the slightest touch. Comet might be counting on this slowing down Kiki if she were to chase after him.

Wasabi - 6th Jan 2015

Wasabi is still around, but still hasn't visited. The tree with the pink flowers (which BTW, I think is a Calliandra aka Powder Puff Tree) in which he was photographed on the 12th Dec is now flowering prolifically and he's having a great time feasting on both flowers and leaves.

Tilda visited a couple of weeks ago and accepted a small amount of food. She didn't have any babies with her. Since she hasn't been seen for some time, it's not clear how old her babies would be. It's always hard to keep track of the ringtails.

Prok was recently seen visiting box 3 and appears to be healthy.

The unknown possum with the tick on his head has not been seen again.

No pythons have been seen so far this year, but with the jungle-like weather we've been having recently, I wouldn't be surprised if one slithered into view any day now.

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