Monday 23 January 2017

Update 23rd Jan 2017 - A New Baby Ringtail

Last night, Ruby arrived with her latest babies; one on the back and the other in the pouch.

Ruby with one baby on back and another in the pouch - 22nd Jan 2017

This is the first time either of these babies have been seen. Ruby couldn't come onto the handrail to show them off like last time because Sasha was there at the same time with her own baby.

Ruby (top left) and Sasha (bottom right), both with babies - 22nd Jan 2017

The two mother possums had a bit of an uneasy truce; both wishing the other wasn't there, but neither feeling like to doing anything about it when weighed down with a back-rider.

Sasha with her latest baby - 22nd Jan 2017

Sasha's baby is alert and inquisitive and already starting to tear food from her mouth, but is not yet confident enough to accept it from a human.

At this point I should apologise on behalf of Sasha. In my last blog entry I advised viewers to keep a close eye on Box 7 because Sasha was visiting it regularly. It turns out that since that time Sasha has not slept in this box even once, but instead has stuck to the garage door. She has brought in some leaves and made herself quite comfortable there.

Farley and Mischa are still around and visiting regularly.

Mischa - 23rd Jan 2017

I should really try to get a shot of Farley where he doesn't look silly.

Farley - 17th Jan 2017

It turns out the new brushtail in the area has been using Box 1 quite frequently and I have probably been mistaking him for Mischa - which is easy to do with the dreadful camera in that box. Although he has been using the boxes, the new brushtail has not been seen near the house again.

Wasabi has been seen again on one occasion and also Keeta was seen in the company of another ringtail (possibly Maple). In general, the ringtails have been visiting less often than before and often haven't hung around the house for long. Possibly snakes are the cause, although none have been spotted.

Gatsby continues to guard his mound.

Gatsby guards his mound - 16th Jan 2017

Gatsby's first chick (or one of them) is still around and he has grown up significantly. Another recently hatched chick was also seen around the house a few days ago. The photo below is of the older chick.

Gatsby's chick hides in the undergrowth - 16th Jan 2017

By the way, both of the above photos were actually taken in the daytime; the light levels in the garden can be very low with all of the trees and it's often necessary to use a flash. At night, the brush turkeys (even the chicks) roost in the trees and don't come down to ground level.

Finally, just for interest, here is photo of an Eastern Water Dragon shedding its skin near Gatsby's mound. This Water Dragon is being a bit cheeky because he or she has been chased off by Gatsby before.

Eastern Water Dragon shedding its skin - 23rd Jan 2017


  1. As always, great photos! And as always, we remain sooo jealous of all your joeys :)

  2. I thought I new all their was to know about the Eastern Water Dragon, I had absolutely no idea that they shed their skin.
    You have really made my day, and that photo is so amazing like all your photography, so well captured.