Thursday 9 February 2017

Update 9th Feb 2017

Ruby's babies have been named Nebo and Niva. Their genders are unknown, and at this stage (like with Koji and Keeta), they can be told apart by the length of the white tip on their tails. Nebo has the longer white tip.

Niva and Nebo back-riding on Ruby with Koji at top right - 30th Jan 2017

Ruby and her babies are often seen with Koji. Keeta (Koji's twin) hasn't been seen for a while.

Although her babies are still very young, Ruby has been seen several times either alone or with only one baby. Presumably she's leaving them in their drey, or with another member of her family.

Here is one of her babies (Niva, I think) on his or her own.

Niva - 1st Feb 2017

And I also got a brief film of Niva making a distress call, which I posted on YouTube for educational purposes (probably futile, but you never know). The distress call occurs at about the two-and-a-half second mark and is easy to miss because it's very soft and high-pitched. You might have to turn the volume up and replay the video a couple of times to catch it.

Sasha's baby has been named Raffi.

Raffi back-riding on Sasha - 31st Jan 2017

He is now at the stage where he is vigorously tearing food out of Sasha's mouth, and is just starting to accept food from humans.

Raffi (left) takes food from Sasha (right) - 3rd Feb 2017

The new male brushtail referred to last time has been named Marlowe. He is still rarely seen near the house and no photos have been taken of him yet. He is often seen sleeping in the possum boxes. Box 1 is his favourite and he even brought some leaves in to make it more comfortable.

Sasha has given up on possum boxes and now sleeps in the garage door or on top of Box 7. This seems to be correlated to the hot weather we've been having recently, although it's difficult to imagine how a metal garage door that's exposed to the setting sun is cooler than a shaded possum box.

Sasha sleeping on Box 7 (Raffi is hidden behind her)- 4th Feb 2017

Farley is still around, but hasn't visited for quite a while.

Mischa hasn't been chased off yet.

Mischa, plotting something - 3rd Feb 2017

Finally, Wasabi has been seen again for the first time in over a month. Although the photo doesn't show it, his fur is a bit rough and there are a few bare patches of skin with scratches on them. Nothing serious, but I do wonder what he gets up to because none of the other ringtails seem to pick up such wounds.

Wasabi - 2nd Feb 2017

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