Sunday 25 February 2018

Update 25th Feb 2018

Despite the fact that Tarzan has grown quite large, he still rides on Sasha's back. Luckily Sasha is a big strong possum.

Sasha with Tarzan back-riding - 15th Feb 2018

Sasha (above) and Tarzan (below) squabbling- 15th Feb 2018

Sasha with Tarzan back-riding - 2nd Feb 2018

Arrow is still around, but there have been no recent photos. He was treated for the infected wound on his tail; the Ceclor worked its usual magic and he is now fully cured.

Koji still visits occasionally and Zoë has been seen recently.

Koji - 25th Feb 2018 [Photo by Xesce]

Zoë's babies have been named Akira and Nikita. They seem to be less afraid of humans than their mother and were even seen giving cheek to Arrow - sneaking up behind him and looking like they wanted to pull his tail.

Akira - 30th Jan 2018

Nikita - 30th Jan 2018

No brush turkey chicks have been sighted in several weeks. While it is still possible that the chick or chicks might have moved elsewhere or been hiding themselves very effectively, there is unfortunately a good chance they have fallen victim to the cat which has been prowling the yard. The cat appears to have a bell on its collar, but this only sounds when it's rapidly running away (usually as a result of having a bucket of water heaved at it or being chased by Gatsby), so probably it isn't doing much good.

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