Saturday 10 March 2018

Update 10th Mar 2018

All of the visiting possums are healthy with no visible injuries. Arrow has now been out of the pouch for a bit over six months and this is the time that young males start to get chased out of the area, although this varies quite a bit (the longest time was about a year for Kiki's baby Comet).

Arrow - 4th Mar 2018 [Photo by Xesce]

Although there are no particular signs that Sasha is making efforts to chase him off, he might disappear at any time, so I'll post some more photos of him while I have the chance.

Arrow - 25th Feb 2018

A wet Arrow - 4th Mar 2018

Sasha and Tarzan are still refusing to sleep in any of the possum boxes. Often they will sleep on top of Box 7 in the garage.

Sasha on top of Box 7 (Tarzan is behind her) - 4th Mar 2018

Sasha (left) and Tarzan (right) - 4th Mar 2018

Sasha (left) and Tarzan (right) - 4th Mar 2018

Sasha (left) and Tarzan (right) - 4th Mar 2018

Koji has been visiting more often, but Zoƫ hasn't been seen for a couple of weeks and the babies Akira and Nikita somewhat longer. I shouldn't be worried about them since they were never regular visitors although it would be good to see them again soon.

[Update 11th March: Akira and Nikita were seen leaping around the trees tonight.]

Koji - 7th Mar 2018

Marlowe, the dominant male brushtail, hasn't been seen at all so far this year. In the past he only visited occasionally, so it's possible that the abundance of natural food in the garden over summer has kept him away from the house. It is possible he may start visiting as the weather cools down.


  1. Such cuties :) Speaking of dominant male brushtails can we ask your thoughts re a new possum visiting us?

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the post, I'll go over and have a look.

      By the way, as of a few days ago, Marlow has started visiting again and looks to be in good health.