Sunday 19 October 2014

Update 19th Oct 2014

Comet is doing well.

Comet (left) and Kiki (right) - 18th Oct 2014

Comet particularly likes going off on his own. Normally, when a young possum of his age is with his/her mother, and scores a particularly delicious piece of food (usually by tearing it from the mother's mouth), they will retreat (no doubt to prevent the mother from grabbing it back) to perhaps a metre away from the mother to enjoy their treat. In Comet's case, however, he often runs off and hides in another tree five or more metres away. This is unusual; even Oz, who was a particularly adventurous/exploring possum, never did this.

Thursday 2 October 2014

Update 2nd Oct 2014

Although still just a little ball of fluff, Comet is very independent and adventurous. He often goes off on his own and on several occasions has visited the house by himself.

Comet - 18th Sept 2014

He looks to be at least as independent as his older brother Oz (who, by the way, hasn't been seen since he left home early in August).