Saturday 2 December 2017

Baby Possum Alert

Sasha's latest baby has been seen out of the pouch, so it's time to give a Baby Possum Alert. This time I've created a graphic which I'll reuse for future baby possums (may there be many more) so that regulars can more easily skip the boilerplate explanation that I give every time.

The box cameras are at this link. Click on a box to get streaming video for that box.

The baby, who is as-yet unnamed, is still very small and won't won't be making a real pest of his/her self for a little while. Here is a video of the first time the little one fully left the pouch.

Sasha's sixth baby - 2nd Dec 2017

Friday 24 November 2017

Update 24th Nov 2017

I'll start with a photo of Sasha. Sasha is in good health and has a noticeable baby in the pouch. It might not be long before we see the baby at least partially out of the pouch when Sasha is in the nestbox, especially if we get some hot weather.

Sasha - 16th Nov 2017

Monday 30 October 2017

Update 30th Oct 2017

Arrow is growing up. I suppose I say that pretty much every post about every young possum, but they go through the stages of growth so fast that it's difficult to avoid commenting on it.

Arrow - 7th Oct 2017

Until a few days ago, Arrow would sleep in Box 7 with Sasha pretty much every day, but they would go their own ways at night, with Sasha chasing off Arrow on sight. Now, however, they have taken to sleeping apart.

Friday 22 September 2017

Update 22nd Sept 2017

Sasha and Arrow are happy and healthy and are to be found sleeping together in Box 7 most days.

Arrow - 15th Sept 2017 [Photo by Xesce]

Friday 25 August 2017

Update 25th Aug 2017 - Raffi Comes for a Visit

Raffi, Sasha's previous baby who left home abruptly at an early age, made a brief visit recently.

Raffi - 15th Aug 2017

Raffi had not been seen for two months prior to this. The most dangerous time in a possum's life is (supposedly) when it leaves home for the first time, and Raffi left home earlier than most, so it is very encouraging that he has not only survived, but appears to be happy and healthy and with no visible injuries.

Monday 7 August 2017

Update 7th Aug 2017 - Introducing Arrow

Sasha brought her new baby to the house for the first time tonight.

Arrow back-riding on Sasha - 7th Aug 2017

The baby had been named Arrow.

Saturday 15 July 2017

Update 15th July 2017 and a Baby Possum Alert

If you are new to this site, a Baby Possum Alert is when:
There is a brief period of time (maybe a few weeks) when a baby possum is not yet old enough to back-ride during the night, but is old enough to come out of the pouch during the day. This is the most interesting time to watch the box cameras, because the baby has been asleep in the pouch all night, and therefore is full of energy during the day and up to all sorts of mischief in the nestbox.

At most, you might get to see this a couple of times a year, so now is the time to watch.
Sasha's latest baby is now at this stage.

Sasha's baby climbing over her in Box 4 - 15th July 2017

You can see an overview of the box cameras at Possum TV Live; click any box to get streaming
video of that box.

Monday 3 July 2017

Server was offline - sorry about that

My humble apologies to viewers.

The Possum TV webcam server has been off air since about 11 am on the 22nd of June and I've only just noticed. It should now be viewable again.

Without going into too much technical detail, the problem related to the external IP address of the server; I could still access the site from my local network (or I would have noticed the problem sooner), but it was inaccessible from the web. The underlying cause of the problem is currently under investigation. The cause was that a script which was meant to alert me when this happens failed to work. This was in turn due to Big Pond changing the way their mail server operates, probably in an attempt to reduce spam. I have modified the script to now work correctly and I'm looking at adding have added a backup notification method in case this sort of thing happens again.

Saturday 17 June 2017

Update 17th June 2017

There has been a shortage of possums recently.

Raffi disappeared a couple of weeks ago, soon after being chased around the garden by Marlowe. Immediately after the chase, he turned up at the house uninjured and in good spirits, but has not been seen since then.

Raffi - 1st June 2017 [Photo by Xesce]

Thursday 18 May 2017

Update 18th May 2017

I'll start with a picture of Raffi again.

Raffi - 3rd May 2017

Raffi is in good health and looks as if he might grow into a big possum; although you can't see in in the photo, he seems to have very long legs.

Thursday 20 April 2017

Update 20th Apr 2017

I'll start with a picture of Raffi.

Raffi - 14th Apr 2017

Raffi is a cute little possum and normally a young brushtail like him would have featured more prominently on this blog. Unfortunately he's been overshadowed by the recent ringtail drama.

Saturday 8 April 2017

Update 8th Apr 2017

About two weeks ago, there was a visitation by a 2 m carpet python. At that time, the possums, who had previously been visiting regularly (often as many as five possums would appear together at 6:40 pm) went into hiding. I had been waiting for them to reappear before posting again - or at least that's my excuse for not posting in a while.

I am pleased to report that, since Niva reappeared yesterday, all of the regular possums (except for Mischa, who was expected to leave the area sometime soon and has grown into a big strong possum, so is unlikely to have been eaten)  have now been accounted for. It makes sense that Niva, who is the smallest of the possums, and an easy meal for a python, would remain in hiding the longest.

I would also like to mention, in case anyone's wondering, that cyclone Debbie [I'm disappointed they missed the opportunity to name it Donald] didn't affect Possum TV. There were no strong winds here and only about a day and a half of continuous, but not particularly heavy, rain. We are too high up for flooding, so the main effect was that the possums had an unpleasant couple of nights out in the wet.

Here is Niva on the night of her return in a typical acrobatic pose. She can twist around nearly 180° in this position.

Niva - 7th April 2017

When Niva reappeared, Wasabi was watching over her. It has been interesting to see how Koji (her older brother) and Wasabi (her father) have been taking turns taking care of her.

Saturday 18 March 2017

Update 18th Mar 2017

First of all some bad news.

Ruby was found dead on the balcony one evening recently. She had been in perfect health prior to this and had no visible wounds. My theory is that she was attacked by a (comparatively) small python, who was probably after one of her babies, and ended up strangled, but the python had been unable to swallow her. Apparently pythons sometimes do this.

I know this isn't a common thing, but her fur looked heavily compressed in a ring around her upper chest, and there were other less heavy indentations lower down which were consistent with a snake wrapping itself around her three times. These indentations were the only unusual thing about her body and it's difficult to account for them otherwise.

Here is one of the very last photos of Ruby.

Ruby with Niva back-riding - 23rd Feb 2017

The good news is that her babies, Nebo and Niva, survived this incident. Their older brother Koji, and father Wasabi, immediately took over the role of caring for them. This was a very interesting thing to witness.

Sunday 12 February 2017

Toto is Back!

Last night Toto appeared on the balcony handrail. This is the first time she has been seen in about six months.

Toto - 11th Feb 2017

She looks calm and is in very good condition, which is very encouraging.

Thursday 9 February 2017

Update 9th Feb 2017

Ruby's babies have been named Nebo and Niva. Their genders are unknown, and at this stage (like with Koji and Keeta), they can be told apart by the length of the white tip on their tails. Nebo has the longer white tip.

Niva and Nebo back-riding on Ruby with Koji at top right - 30th Jan 2017

Ruby and her babies are often seen with Koji. Keeta (Koji's twin) hasn't been seen for a while.

Monday 23 January 2017

Update 23rd Jan 2017 - A New Baby Ringtail

Last night, Ruby arrived with her latest babies; one on the back and the other in the pouch.

Ruby with one baby on back and another in the pouch - 22nd Jan 2017

This is the first time either of these babies have been seen. Ruby couldn't come onto the handrail to show them off like last time because Sasha was there at the same time with her own baby.

Thursday 12 January 2017

Update 12th Jan 2017

Sasha brought her latest baby to the house for the first time tonight.

Sasha with baby back-riding - 12th Jan 2017

I suspect that Sasha's baby has been back-riding for a couple of weeks now. When Sasha has been using Box 7 recently, she usually exits the box with the baby hanging on underneath her tail. This is a logical, if undignified, alternative to trying to cling onto her back, and then getting knocked off when she squeezes through the entrance hole.