Friday 19 August 2022

Introducing Aeon, Grasshopper, Rae and Kulan

Within the space of a few days, all three of the females in the area arrived with back-riding babies.

Sasha was the first to arrive with her baby Aeon.

Aeon back-riding on Sasha - 17th Aug 2022

Next was Wink, who arrived with her baby Grasshopper.

Grasshopper back-riding on Wink - 14th Aug 2022

Soon after was Blossom with her baby Rae.

Rae back-riding on Blossom - 18th Aug 2022

Also, a new male possum, Kulan has made himself known. He has probably been around for a while but has only recently become friendly with the humans.

Kulan - 11th Aug 2022