Tuesday 27 January 2015

Possum Box temperature graphs now available

Early last year, I promised to put a graphical display of the possum box temperatures on the Possum TV site. I've now finally got around to doing this.

[click on image for full-sized version]

There should be a "box temps" item on the menu at the top of each page (you may need to do a refresh to see this) which leads to the new box temperatures page. Simply select the box(es) and date range you're interested in and click [Show Temperatures]. You should be rewarded with the appropriate graph.

Saturday 17 January 2015

Update 17th Jan 2015

Kiki is doing well. The latest baby (her 12th!) is now bulging her pouch significantly.

Kiki (with the mystery orange powder in evidence) - 8th Jan 2015

Kiki hasn't been seen in any of the boxes for quite a while, but going by past form, we might see her come into Box 7 before too much longer. Last year, Kiki's baby (Oz) made his first appearance in Box 7 on Australia Day, and her latest baby will now be at a similar stage of development. So it's worth keeping your eye on the box cameras.