Monday 23 January 2017

Update 23rd Jan 2017 - A New Baby Ringtail

Last night, Ruby arrived with her latest babies; one on the back and the other in the pouch.

Ruby with one baby on back and another in the pouch - 22nd Jan 2017

This is the first time either of these babies have been seen. Ruby couldn't come onto the handrail to show them off like last time because Sasha was there at the same time with her own baby.

Thursday 12 January 2017

Update 12th Jan 2017

Sasha brought her latest baby to the house for the first time tonight.

Sasha with baby back-riding - 12th Jan 2017

I suspect that Sasha's baby has been back-riding for a couple of weeks now. When Sasha has been using Box 7 recently, she usually exits the box with the baby hanging on underneath her tail. This is a logical, if undignified, alternative to trying to cling onto her back, and then getting knocked off when she squeezes through the entrance hole.