Monday 25 December 2023

Update 25th December 2023

 Happy holidays from Possum TV!

Wink (left), Lumen (on Wink's back), Blossom (right), Joule (on Blossom's back)
9th September 2023

Wednesday 30 August 2023

Update 30th August 2023 - Introducing Joule, Lumen and Q-Bit

The three new babies have been named: Joule, Lumen and Q-Bit.

Joule back-riding on Blossom - 21st Aug 2023

Lumen back-riding on Wink - 22nd Aug 2023

Q-Bit and Sasha in Box 1 - 25th Aug 2023

Monday 31 July 2023

Triple Baby Possum Alert

Today, there were three mother possums in boxes, all with babies partially or fully out of the pouch, so it's Baby Possum Alert time.

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Update 12th July 2023 - Introducing Vincent

I'll start this long-delayed post with a picture of Sun.

Sun - 19th April 2023 [Photo by Xesce]

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Vale Dr Jim Pollock

There has been some sad news; Dr Jim Pollock has passed away. 

Here is his funeral notice.

I have mentioned Jim a few times on this blog. Jim is a vet who has, amongst other things, saved quite possibly thousands of possums over his career. He developed an extremely effective method of treating exudative dermatitis in brushtail possums. [Here's a link to his paper, but be warned that it contains a very unpleasant picture of an infected possum.]

Over the nearly 15 years we have had contact with Jim, he has prescribed and supplied Ceclor for well over a dozen of our possums, and it's likely that most of them would have died a miserable death without his help. Although ringtails are not his specialty, he also provided life-saving antibiotics for Wasabi on two occasions.

Right up until last year, despite being seriously debilitated, he was helping cure possums. 

Goodbye Jim; you will be missed by humans and possums alike.

Tuesday 4 April 2023

Update 4th April 2023

Lorien is now back-riding.

Lorien back-riding on Sasha - 25th Mar 2023

Sunday 26 February 2023

Update 25th February 2023 - Introducing Sun, Lorien, Guran and Elton

Wink's baby has now been back-riding for a little while and has been named Sun.

Sun back-riding on Wink - 14th Feb 2023

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Baby Possum Alert

Wink's latest baby (her 4th) has been venturing out of her pouch in the nestbox. So now is the time for a Baby Possum Alert.

Wink and her baby can normally be seen in Box 2. It is somewhat unusual for mother possums with large pouch young to use this box because it was originally designed for ringtails and has a smaller entrance hole, making a tight squeeze for a mother with a full pouch. It is possible she might move to Box 7, which is in her territory and has in the past often been the preferred box for raising babies in.

The baby looks like he might be a boy and is so far acting like a normal baby possum - amongst other things, biting his mother's toes and ears, pulling her whiskers and climbing on her head. Here is a shot of him grabbing her by the nose.

Wink and baby in Box 2 - 25th Jan 2023