Sunday 26 February 2023

Update 25th February 2023 - Introducing Sun, Lorien, Guran and Elton

Wink's baby has now been back-riding for a little while and has been named Sun.

Sun back-riding on Wink - 14th Feb 2023
Sun back-riding on Wink - 18th Feb 2023

Sun clinging to Wink's head - 15th Feb 2023

Sun back-riding on Wink - 14th Feb 2023

Sasha's new baby has just started coming out of the pouch, so now is time for another Baby Possum Alert.

Sasha's baby has been named Lorien. Sasha has been alternating between Boxes 1 and 5, but Box 3 is in her territory and she might use that at some stage as well.

Lorien and Sasha in Box 5 - 26th Feb 2023

Lorien is Sasha's 16th known baby. Sasha is in good health, other than having injured a finger on her right hand a bit over a week ago.

Sasha - 15th Feb 2023

Sasha - 15th Feb 2023

In August of last year, all three of the females (Sasha, Wink and Blossom) had babies at almost exactly the same time. Within the space of a few days, all three babies started back-riding. 

I would have expected the same thing to happen this year, but instead, Wink's baby Sun is about a month older than Sasha's baby Lorien. Meanwhile, Blossom might not even have a baby in the pouch yet.

The last of the three previous babies, Grasshopper, left the area at the start of February. I think that he first tried to leave around the end of January but after a couple of days away, he came back with his fur covered in the mystery grease that possums sometimes get on themselves. The same thing happened to Shane in April of last year, and like Shane, Grasshopper looked like he had plunged head-first into a bucket of the vile substance. 

He looked very forlorn and Wink allowed him to sleep in Box 7 - which I think rates as the safest and most comfortable box - to get over his ordeal. A couple of days later, after the grease had mostly gone, he left again - this time apparently for good. I wish the best for him. 

I have photos of him covered in the grease but they look unpleasant and instead I will leave you with the last normal looking photo of Grasshopper.

Grasshopper - 10th Jan 2023

Wink is allowing Blossom to use Box 8. Blossom currently sleeps in this box about half the time. Her other sleeping places are almost certainly outside of the Possum TV area. Blossom is in good health.

Blossom - 13th Feb 2023

Blossom - 4th Feb 2023

Kulan has not been visiting that much. He went away for a while, returned once but didn't come near the house and then went away again. No doubt he has his own agenda. This is the most recent photo I have of him.

Kulan - 30th Dec 2022

A new male brushtail has also been seen around and has been named Guran. Guran has in fact been around for quite a while and there is footage of him visiting a possum box as early as July last year. Although not scared of the humans, Guran is not comfortable taking food from hand and mostly stays away from the house. Guran has some small notches on his ears which makes him easy to distinguish from other possums.

Guran - 25th Jan 2023

There have been a number of ringtail possums about. A mother brought her two babies near the house in January.

Mother Ringtail with two babies back-riding - 13th Jan 2023

This may be the father.

Male Ringtail - 30th Jan 2023

In other wildlife news, two water dragons have been named. A large colourful one has been called Elton and a smaller one Ziggy. Elton is often seen around, but Ziggy has not been seen in a while and there are no good photos of him or her.

Elton - 7th Feb 2023

Elton sleeps in the trees at night. Here is a shot of him on a branch near Sasha. He runs some risk of being trampled by possums in this area.

Sasha (bottom right) and Elton (top left) - 25th Feb 2023

There have been two green tree snakes seen, or possibly one that has grown bigger very quickly. Here is photo of the smaller one. The other was seen a couple of days ago and is nearly twice as big.

Green Tree Snake - 18th Jan 2023

The brush turkeys are still around and appear healthy.

Merlin - 6th Jan 2023

There have been brush turkey chicks seen. Brush turkey chicks sleep in the trees at night, but this is the first time I've actually seen one doing it.

Brush Turkey Chick roosting in a tree - 5th Jan 2023


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