Tuesday 30 April 2024

Update 30th April 2024

I apologise for not posting an update for a while. Possum TV still lives; it's just that a combination of other work and no unusual possum news have led me to not update the blog for a while.

But before I mention the possum news, I have a request to any possum carers or other people who might have treated possums for exudative dermatitis: Does anyone know of a vet who has taken over the role of Dr Jim Pollock in supplying Ceclor for treating possums with exudative dermatitis? If so, could you please contact me via email at possumtv@gmail.com

I have no possums requiring treatment at this moment, but it would be good to be prepared for when this happens.

The main possum news is that Joule has left the area. He left in March, which is seven months since he was first seen out of the pouch. This is a normal time for youngsters to seek their fortune.

Joule - 19th Feb 2024