Monday 25 December 2023

Update 25th December 2023

 Happy holidays from Possum TV!

Wink (left), Lumen (on Wink's back), Blossom (right), Joule (on Blossom's back)
9th September 2023

Wink and her son Lumen are doing fine. They sleep in the garage on top of box 7 or in the possum apartments most days.

Wink (bottom) and Lumen (top) - 19th Sept 2023 [Photo by Xesce]

Wink (bottom) and Lumen (top) - 19th Sept 2023 [Photo by Xesce]

Lumen - 24th October 2023

Wink and Lumen - 28th October 2023

Lumen - 4th December 2023

Lumen - 4th December 2023

Blossom and her son Joule are also doing fine. Joule has grown up enough that he often sleeps apart from his mother and visits on his own.

Joule - 5th October 2023 [Photo by Xesce]

Joule - 5th October 2023 [Photo by Xesce]

Joule - 5th October 2023 [Photo by Xesce]

Joule - 7th November 2023

Joule - 24th November 2023

The two boys, Joule and Lumen currently tolerate each other. When they were first off the back and exploring for themselves they would occasionally come face to face with and there would be staring contests.

Joule (left) and Lumen (right) - 24th October 2023

Joule (left) and Lumen (right) - 25th October 2023

Vincent is doing fine. He hasn't picked up any new injuries. 

Vincent - 2nd September 2023

Sun was last seen early in October. Although she had been having a bad time for a while - what with getting coated in the mystery grease and being harassed by other possums - she seemed to gain confidence at about the same time as there was a noticeable baby in her pouch.

I think that she found her own territory and was feeling more secure. 

It isn't a worry that she hasn't been seen since October. Blossom also disappeared at a similar age and only returned months later because her territory overlapped with Box 8. Sasha also hasn't visited for nearly a year and the only reason I know she's out there is that she occasionally visits boxes 1 and 5, which are on the periphery of her territory. It's likely that Sun is somewhere nearby but just doesn't use any of our possums boxes.

Anyway, good luck little Sun, I hope you can visit some time to show us your baby.

Sun - 19th Sept 2023 [Photo by Xesce]

Sasha was last seen visiting Box 1 a bit over a week ago and she looked good at that time. Sasha is probably keeping clear of the house for the safety of her son Q-Bit. Q-Bit is smaller than both Joule and Lumen and he will need to disperse in a different direction to them when he leaves home.

Over the last couple of months a kookaburra had been sticking its head into some of the possum boxes. It might be the same kookaburra who went into Box 1 in 2021. This time it attacked the camera in Box 3 and has hassled possums sleeping in Box 1. I don't know what it's after, unless there are some insects in the boxes that aren't obvious to the cameras; it doesn't seem to want to enter any of the boxes.

Kookaburra pesters Vincent in Box 1 - 31st October 2023

Kookaburra pesters Sasha and Q-Bit in Box 1 - 14th November 2023

There has been a male ringtail, and a female ringtail with two babies, seen around from time to time, but none are interested in approaching the house.

Mother and baby ringtails - 9th December 2024

There have been couple of brush turkey chicks seen. One of them has been around for over a month and has started to get its dark plumage. This one has been named Rhiannon

Rhiannon - 4th December 2023

Rhiannon - 9th December 2023


  1. Any idea why there is a possum in Box 1 at night time right now, 9:16PM AEST?

    1. Sometimes possums go into the boxes at night just to get out of the rain, but it's usually to check out who's been sleeping in the box and/or to scent-mark the box. Often the dominant female will visit a box after a male has been sleeping in it.

      In this case, the possum looks like Sasha. Boxes 1 and 5 are in her territory, but she hasn't used them in ages, and I think she was checking out the box prior to using it again. She's currently sleeping in this box as of today.

    2. Actually, on reviewing the footage, I'm not sure that the possum sleeping in the box was Sasha, although the possum visiting at night probably was.