Wednesday 30 August 2023

Update 30th August 2023 - Introducing Joule, Lumen and Q-Bit

The three new babies have been named: Joule, Lumen and Q-Bit.

Joule back-riding on Blossom - 21st Aug 2023

Lumen back-riding on Wink - 22nd Aug 2023

Q-Bit and Sasha in Box 1 - 25th Aug 2023

Joule was first seen in person (or should that be in possum?) three weeks ago. Joule is the oldest of the babies and has reached the stage of sharing food with Blossom. On a couple of occasions recently Joule got separated from Blossom but they found their way back together before daylight.

Joule with head in Blossom's pouch - 15th Aug 2023

Joule back-riding on Blossom - 15th Aug 2023

Joule (left) shares a bite of pear with Blossom (right) - 22nd Aug 2023

Joule back-riding on Blossom - 27th Aug 2023

Lumen was first seen in person two weeks ago and is significantly younger than Joule. Lumen back-rides most of the night but still retreats into Wink's pouch from time to time.

Lumen hanging on under Wink - 21st Aug 2023

Lumen with tail curled back-riding on Wink - 23rd Aug 2023

Lumen back-riding on Wink - 27th Aug 2023

Lumen back-riding on Wink - 29th Aug 2023

Sasha is still not visiting, which is why I only have a box camera photo of her and Q-Bit. It's possible she might bring Q-Bit over to show us when he (I think Q-Bit is male) is back-riding, however she might decide to keep him away from the house like she did Lorien.

I have been misgendering Sun. :( I was sure that Sun was male, but in the last few weeks it has become obvious that she has a pouch. I don't know if there is enough room for a fourth female possum to share this area, but there are seven usable possum boxes so maybe it's possible.

About three weeks ago, Sun looked like she had plunged head-first into the same mysterious grease that Grasshopper fell victim to. I still have no clue what this is and where it comes from. I haven't posted any photos of this because it didn't look very nice.

Sun - 30th July 2023

Sun - 16th Aug 2023

Sun - 22nd Aug 2023

Vincent is still around and looks healthy. I don't know if he is the father of any of the current babies, but he's in a good position to father the next batch.

Vincent - 18th Aug 2023

Vincent - 26th Aug 2023

Finally a picture of Merlin. Merlin has been industriously building his mound in preparation for breeding season.

Merlin - 22nd July 2023

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