Monday 7 August 2017

Update 7th Aug 2017 - Introducing Arrow

Sasha brought her new baby to the house for the first time tonight.

Arrow back-riding on Sasha - 7th Aug 2017

The baby had been named Arrow.

Arrow is a little boy possum. Sometimes there is some doubt about the gender of a baby possum, but not in Arrow's case; one day he decided to hang upside-down from the camera in Box 7, which made things very obvious.

Arrow hanging by his back legs from Box 7 camera - 3rd Aug 2017

Arrow's name comes from the little blue dog in the 1971 animated movie The Point.

Arrow clinging to Oblio's head - from The Point 1971

Marlowe has been following Sasha around closely. I assume he wants to mate with her as soon as Arrow is old enough to be left on his own.

At one stage Marlow decided to sit on top of Box 4 and wait for Sasha to come out.

Marlowe (on top of box) and Sasha (inside box) - 28th July 2017

She was not very pleased about this and chased him off when she emerged.

Close-up of a very displeased Sasha - 28th July 2017

Marlowe has started taking food from hand. I think that after he worked up the courage to start pursuing Sasha, approaching humans suddenly didn't seem so scary by comparison.

Marlowe - 3rd Aug 2017 [Photo by Xesce]

Koji is still around and visiting regularly. He is the first possum here to eat strawberries. Every other possum I've tried them on has not recognised them as food, but somehow Koji seems to enjoy them. Of course he only gets given very small portions.

Koji - 1st Aug 2017

Koji is very active and in very good health. At one stage he was seen fighting off another (unknown) ringtail, so it could be that he has taken over from his father Wasabi as the dominant male ringtail in the area.

He has been brave enough to approach Sasha, possibly to see if there's a chance of taking food off her.

Koji (left) giving cheek to Sasha (right) - 31st July 2017

but he's smart enough to know when he isn't welcome.

Koji (left) being told to go away by Sasha (right) - 31st July 2017

The only other possum who has been seen around is Zoë. She still doesn't like approaching the house and I haven't been able to get any good photos of her. I've included the photo below to show that she has babies in the pouch.

Zoë - 29th July 2017

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