Friday 14 August 2020

Update 14th Aug 2020 - Introducing Wink

Sasha's latest baby has now been back-riding for a while and has been named Wink. Wink's gender is still unknown.

Sasha with Wink back-riding - 29th July 2020

Wink is actually winking (hence the name) in the photo below but as luck would have it, the closed eye is hidden behind Sasha's ear.

Sasha with Wink back-riding - 22nd July 2020

Sasha with Wink back-riding - 29th July 2020

Mostly, Sasha and Wink are using Box 7 but occasionally they sleep in other places, including the Possum Apartments in the garage. Here is Wink using Sasha as a fortress.

Sasha with Wink (underneath) - 31st July 2020

Since I installed the new Box 2 camera two weeks ago, the possums have avoided this box. Sasha and Wink visited it once (as the dominant possum in the area, Sasha probably has the responsibility of keeping on top of all new developments) and another possum briefly put its nose into the box, but was too nervous to enter. No possum has slept in the box.

By contrast, in the two weeks prior to installing the camera, Rahmet slept in the box seven times and Marcel twice.

Hopefully, they'll eventually decide that it isn't a trap.

Frequent viewers will notice that the Box 1 camera, which was previously not showing anything, has now been turned off altogether. I am going to replace both Box 1 and its camera some time fairly soon. Box 1 was first put up in February 2005 and was last refurbished in 2008 and it's in poor condition. It's currently held up by one bolt and leaning forward at 45 degrees. Currently there is some rope tying it the tree so it won't fall if the last bolt gives way.

Nikita is still visiting fairly regularly.

Nikita with Howl back-riding - 15th July 2020

Nikita's babies Howl and Muse haven't been seen for nearly a month. It's possibly that Nikita only brought them to briefly introduce them to the humans and they now prefer to keep their distance. 

Marcel is still around and looking healthy. There are no new pictures of him this time.

Rahmet is still around. Because Rahmet is Sasha's first female baby (after 10 boys in a row), it is not clear what will happen with her. The theory is that when they become independent, male offspring disburse widely from their birthplace but female offspring stay closer by. Some will even take over their mother's territory. Rahmet shows no sign of wanting to depart the area and Sasha is not putting any special effort into chasing her off.

Rahmet has a baby in her pouch.

Rahmet - 15th July 2020

Rahmet - 16th July 2020 [photo by Xesce]

Rahmet - 4th Aug 2020

Since Wink has been permanently out of the pouch for a while, Sasha is now ready for mating again. Around the start of August, a marauding male brushtail briefly entered the area. Marcel fought with him and he hasn't been seen again.

Unknown Male Brushtail - 4th Aug 2020

Also, Morse was seen once a few weeks ago, but has not visited since.

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