Saturday 21 April 2012

Possum status update 21st April 2012

A couple of days ago, a carpet python moved into Box 4. This is the same python which ate the ringtails Gumdrop and Lychee in February of this year. I've named this python Grendel. I'll write more about him/her later.

Grendel the Carpet Python enters Box 4
The new possum has finally come over and taken food from hand. Close up, he doesn't look or act like Piranha and we have named him Pinot.

Marlon looks much better now. I'll post an updated photo when I can get a good one. Marlon has been a particularly good patient, always visiting at a regular time for his medicine.

Also, I've just put Box 6 back up. This box is intended for sugar gliders and was removed in October 2010 after it had been taken over by bees. The box took this long to refurbish, partly because the camera had been wrecked by being embedded in honeycomb, but mainly due to slackness on my part. In fact, I was only spurred to do something by the sugar glider which visited recently.

There's currently a lot of interference on the Box 6 camera. I think that water might have got into the video cable when the box was removed. I'll probably re-terminate this cable some time soon.

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