Saturday 21 July 2012

Possum status update 21st July 2012

The python (I'm assuming it's Grendel although I still don't know for sure) is still sleeping under the eaves.

Wasabi, who had been making himself scarce since Grendel returned, has started visiting again. He has collected a couple of new scratches on the face but is otherwise in very good health.

Wasabi 19/7/2012

Here's a photo of Flea showing the rust-coloured staining around her pouch mentioned last time. I believe this staining comes from scent glands. I'm not sure whether it's simply a mark of maturity or whether it's directly caused by having a baby in the pouch, but whenever we see this staining, it's soon followed by a baby.

Flea 9/7/2012
Pinot has been confirming his reputation as a bold and cheeky possum.

Svejk, being the top male possum in the area, will usually chase off other males when he sees them in the feeding area. One night, Svejk chased off Pinot. Pinot ran into the back yard with Svejk in pursuit, but instead of running off to a safe distance, he ducked into thick foliage and doubled back towards the feeding area. While Svejk was seeking him in the back yard, Pinot was back on the balcony rail grabbing more food.
Pinot being cheeky 13/6/20123 [Photo by Xesce]

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